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General information and interesting facts about white wine


How often has he accompanied us, in good times and bad, in moments of boredom and joy. We toasted, laughed and sometimes even cried with him. After a long day he rewarded us, listened to our thoughts and rocked us to sleep - sometimes gently, sometimes roughly. But no, we are not talking about a life partner here, but about our beloved white wine.

We are convinced that the wine deserves us to know more about it. That's why we'd like to take a little journey with you and talk about why it's worth drinking wine with pleasure. Because once again it is we Germans who, thanks to our climate, are one of the most important white wine countries in the world.


Basically, wine is intended for immediate enjoyment. Only around 20% of the world's white wine is stored for long periods of time. However, the crucial component in storing wine is temperature. This is most effectively maintained in special wine cellars. Unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege of access to such basements. This is why some wine lovers decide to purchase their own wine refrigerator.

Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with storing wine in a conventional refrigerator, as long as the optimal drinking temperature is reached.


Greek wine is often considered the essence of the earth. Come on, pour yourself a drink... In fact, wine production began in ancient Greece. Although many might assume that red wine was the only known type of wine for a long time, the art of winemaking was already complexly developed before the birth of Christ.

Surprisingly, even white wine was perfected by monks. Who would have thought?


The process begins, of course, with the harvest of the grapes. This is followed by crushing the grapes, which is known as mash. When producing white wine, in contrast to red wine, the berry skins are separated from the mash and the must is pressed.

Fermentation then begins in special fermentation containers. During this process, the fructose is converted into alcohol, meaning that the longer the fermentation lasts, the less sweet the wine will be at the end. Maturation can now begin, often using wooden barrels, stainless steel tanks or barriques. Finally, the wine only needs to be bottled before it can be enjoyed.


If you can't get enough of sweet berries in any form, it might be worth considering growing grape vines in your own garden. Sunny and wind-protected places in the garden or even on the balcony are ideal for this. They are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offer perfect and natural privacy protection.

Since grapevines are rather uncomplicated, even people without much gardening experience should give them a try.


The most important thing is that white wine should always be enjoyed chilled. In order to optimally develop the taste, an ideal drinking temperature of 10°C to 12°C is recommended. Sweet wines should even be consumed at 14°C. You may have noticed that wine loses its flavor when it is too cold.

It is recommended not to use ice cubes as they may affect the taste. Better alternatives are plastic ice cubes or an elegant bottle cooler that you can slip over.


Many people enjoy white wine as a refreshing addition, especially on hot days, be it sweet or sour. Nevertheless, white wine is just as inspiring as an accompaniment to a great meal and, for some, a true art.

Here is an example of a balanced taste.

Type of wine Match with
Dry (one of your white wines) Steamed fish, seafood

Grilled fish, poultry, veal, cheese,

Soups, stews, casseroles, vegetables

Lovely Desserts

It is of course possible to use white wine excellently for cooking. A popular application is, for example, cooking into risotto or adding to various sauces.

Usually, people choose cheaper wines from classics such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay or Pinot Blanc.

Weinschmeckeria wine cocktail recipe

It's wine o'clock, try a wine cooler.


  • Grigione (Pinot Grigio) – F.lli Vincenzi
  • Grenadine
  • soda water
  • Ice cubes


Place a few ice cubes in a wine glass, preferably a large red wine glass, to lower the temperature of the drink without diluting the flavor. Then add about 10 ml of grenadine, depending on your personal taste, to give the drink a sweet and fruity note. Complete the mixture with Grigione (Pinot Grigio) – F.lli Vincenzi, a white wine that impresses with its fruity and floral aromas.

Then carefully pour in soda water to give the drink a refreshing carbonation. Stir the drink gently to maintain carbonation and ensure even distribution of flavors.

Every child “cries white”, right?

White wine comes from processing white grapes, right?

In principle this is true, but there is also a method in which red grapes are used to produce white wine. An example of this is the Pinot Noir grape variety, which is used to produce Blanc de Noir.

The grapes are processed in the traditional way, with one exception: contact with the berry skin, which normally gives off the red color, is avoided.

How long does open white wine last?

The question keeps coming up. Of course, the ideal would be to drink the wine immediately. However, it may happen that you don't finish a bottle completely and have to save it until the next time.

The wine can usually be enjoyed two to five days later if it is closed and stored in the refrigerator. However, this rule only applies to white wine.

How many calories does white wine have: dry, semi-dry, off-dry, sweet or sweet?

As the grape ripens, the sugar content also increases and the acid content logically decreases accordingly. During fermentation, the fructose is converted into alcohol.

In general, it can be said that a 200 ml glass of white wine contains around 150 calories that are waiting to be drunk with pleasure.

In this little overview you will find out exactly how much residual sugar remains in your wine.


After opening the bottle, the cork goes straight into the trash can for most people.

Nevertheless, an infinite number of creative things can be made from wine corks.

  • Keychain
  • hearts
  • Pinboards
  • Mini flower pots
  • candle holders and much more.

If you want to cut the corks, you should boil them first so that they become softer.