Discover our hand-picked selection of summer wines now and make your summer moments unforgettable. Whether it's a relaxed meeting with friends, a romantic dinner for two or a convivial barbecue party - with the right wines your summer will be a real pleasure.

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Experience our exquisite summer wines and make your summer moments unforgettable.

Whether at a meeting with friends, romantic dinners or barbecue parties - the right wine will transform your summer into pure enjoyment.


Summer is the ideal time to thoroughly sample delicious wines.

No matter whether you are having a relaxed barbecue with friends, a romantic picnic for two or just relaxing on the terrace - fine wines add a special touch to every moment.


On warm days, light and refreshing white wines are a real treat.

The tangy limestone Riesling from the Metzger winery impresses with fruity notes of apricot and green apple and offers the ideal refreshment.

The crisp Sauvignon Blanc from Redentore, with its invigorating acidity and aromas of tropical fruits, is also perfect for summer salads and light dishes.


In summer, red wine lovers will appreciate the selection of lighter red wines.

The elegant Merlot IGT from the Conselve winery delights with red berry aromas and a gentle structure, ideal with grilled vegetables or fish.


Of course, sparkling options shouldn't be ignored either. A refreshing Prosecco Brut or a fine rosé sparkling wine are ideal companions for festive occasions or to celebrate summer. The fine pearls and vibrant flavors make it a refreshing choice for warm days.

When choosing wines in summer, it is important to consider the optimal serving temperature. Cooler temperatures emphasize the freshness and aromas of the wines.

It is therefore best to store your white wines in the refrigerator and take them out shortly before serving to bring them to the perfect drinking temperature.

Red wines, on the other hand, develop their aroma best at room temperature and should therefore be stored in the cellar.