Quitting time

A cozy movie night at home is a great way to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But what could make the atmosphere even more pleasant than an exquisite wine that pampers the senses and takes the film experience to a new level? You can find the perfect wines for your movie night here.

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The end of the day is the moment we look forward to all day long. It offers the opportunity to leave work behind and shake off the stress of everyday life. What could accompany this special moment better than a glass of exquisite wine that pampers the senses and turns the end of the day into a pleasurable experience?



A light white wine is an excellent choice to ring in the end of the day. Our Pecorino Abruzzo from Tenuta Antonini with its fruity notes of peach and honey brings freshness and liveliness to your evening. The subtle acidity of this wine provides refreshment and invites relaxation.


This is recommended for red wine lovers Pie del Monaco . The elegant aromas of plums and flowers make this wine the perfect accompaniment for quiet moments. A glass of this red wine can help you leave the stress of the day behind you and focus on the here and now.


A glass finer Rossignolo can round off your evening in a gentle way. The fruity notes of strawberries and raspberries give this wine a playful and refreshing note. A rosé is ideal for relaxing on the terrace or ending the day while watching the sunset.

Create a relaxing atmosphere by finding a comfortable place to sit and choosing soft background music.