Information on data protection

As a Weinschmeckeria customer, you expect a high level of quality and professionalism not only from our wines, but also when processing your order and using your data.

Nowadays it is no longer possible to avoid using technical aids. The protection and security of your personal data is our top priority. Therefore, the collection and use of your personal data is of course carried out in strict compliance with data protection regulations. Personal data is only collected, processed and used by us and our commissioned service providers if this is permitted by law or if you have given your prior consent.

1. No transmission to third parties

Your personal data in connection with this website will generally not be transmitted by Weinschmeckeria to third parties, especially not for advertising purposes. Only our commissioned service providers, who provide us with e.g. B. Support with printing, enveloping and shipping may receive data in order to provide the service we have commissioned.

2. Use of personal data that you provide to us

a. Orders and catalog requirements

If you do not give us further consent, we and our commissioned service providers will use the personal data from orders and catalog requests to process your order. In addition, this data may be used to determine services that are most suitable for you and to send current offers and information by post.

For the purpose of deciding on the establishment, implementation or termination of a contractual relationship, if we assume a risk of payment default, we can also access and use creditworthiness data (including probability values ​​determined from the address data) from Creditreform Boniversum GmbH, Hellersbergstrasse 11, 41460 Neuss.

Four weeks after receipt of the first of a total of two written reminders, we transmit personal data about due unpaid and undisputed or court-determined claims to the credit agency, which also makes this data available to other companies for credit checks if there is a legitimate interest.

b. Customer card

Issuing a customer card is only possible with your data protection consent.

If you give this consent, you agree that we and our commissioned service providers may use your personal data, including the data collected when using the card, to calculate and grant the card benefits. In addition, this data may be used to determine services that are most suitable for you and to send current offers and information by post.

Please note that revocation of the “data protection declaration of consent” leads to the termination of the card contract.

c. Facebook Website Custom Audiences

Communication tools from the social network Facebook may also be used on this website, in particular the Website Custom Audiences product. This product generates a non-reversible, non-personal checksum (“hash value”) from your usage data, which can be transmitted to Facebook for analysis and marketing purposes. Further information about the purpose and scope of data collection and the further processing and use of the data by Facebook as well as your setting options to protect your privacy can be found in Facebook's data protection guidelines, which can be found at are. If you would like to object to the use of Facebook Website Custom Audiences, you can do so at .

e. Contact inquiries

We collect and use your information from customer service inquiries only to process your contact requests.

f. Newsletter

Only with your express, optional and revocable consent will we send you our newsletter via email with information about current offers and events.

G. Refer friends

We and our commissioned service providers collect and use the personal data you provide when referring friends only for the purpose of sending the recommendation card you provided to the potential new customer by email on your behalf. If the referral card is redeemed, we will use the data contained therein to determine reward eligibility and to send the reward.

H. Data changes for customer card holders

Without further consent, we and our commissioned service providers will use your personal information to correct our data and within the scope of the consent you gave when concluding the card contract. We use your name and address for advertising by post.

i. Objection and revocation

You can object to the use of your personal data for advertising purposes and revoke your consent at any time. All you need to do is send a short message by email to or in writing to Florian Kraus & Markus Preuß Weinschmeckeria GbR, Mariaberger Str. 22, 87439 Kempten (Allgäu).

3. Cookies and web tracking

a. Site control cookies

In order to make our website user-friendly and provide the necessary functions, we use cookies in some areas, for example in the shopping cart.

“Cookies” are small text files that are stored locally on your computer’s hard drive and kept available for later access to make it easier for you to use our online offerings. After you have finished your visit and closed the Internet browser you are using, most cookies are automatically deleted (so-called session cookies). Other cookies remain on your device and enable us to recognize your browser the next time you visit (persistent cookies).

You can install cookies as described under c. (Consent and rejection of cookies) described by changing the settings of your browser software. However, you may then no longer be able to use all of the functions of our website.

b. Pseudonymized web tracking, also with cookies

Every time a user accesses a page from our offering, data about this process is stored in a log file for the needs-based design and optimization of the website and usage profiles are created from this data using pseudonyms. The data collected is in particular: IP address (hidden), names of the files accessed, start and duration of the session, date and time of page access, browser and operating system, amount of data transferred, message as to whether the retrieval was successful. Cookies can also be used for this purpose, which enable your Internet browser to be recognized. The data is only statistically evaluated and is not combined with other personal or personally identifiable data. We use solutions and technologies from JIMDO (

If you object to this use of data in the future or want to revoke your permission to store data, please use the unsubscribe option at the link below - please note that you cannot prevent the cookie sent when you object from being set and you may not delete the cookie set later , so that we can also consider the contradiction:

c. Consent or reject cookies

You can also declare your consent or rejection of cookies - including for web tracking - via the settings of your web browser. You can set your web browser to notify you when cookies are set or to generally reject cookies. However, you will then no longer be able to use all of the functions of our website.

You can find out more about this option for the most commonly used browsers using the following links:



Google Chrome:



4. Data security

We take technical and organizational security precautions to protect your personal data managed by us against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons. Our data processing and security measures are continually improved in line with technological developments.

If you provide us with personal data, e.g. B. during the ordering process or when applying for your customer card, your data will be encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) when it is transmitted to us.

Of course, we also transfer this obligation to our commissioned service providers, who, for example, B. support with printing, enveloping and shipping.

5. Our data protection officer

Our data protection officer is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the collection and use of your personal data:

Florian Kraus & Markus Preuß Weinschmeckeria GbR, Mariaberger Str. 22, 87439 Kempten (Allgäu) – Email:

6. Responsible body

The responsible body is the

Florian Kraus & Markus Preuß Weinschmeckeria GbR, Mariaberger Str. 22, 87439 Kempten (Allgäu)

As of: November 2022